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    13== Localization ==
    24Right from the beginning, YAM has been translated to multiple languages. However, the responsible translator for each specific language changed over the years. As YAM is an open source development effort since 2000, we are continously searching for individual translators joining our project. The following tables lists the currently existing translations and their responsible translator which joined our project. If you feel that you have the time and knowledge to translate YAM in your language please feel free to join our project so that we can provide a translated YAM for more and more languages.
    6567Good luck translating YAM!
     70== HowTo translate the online documentation ==
     72You don't need a subversion client here.  Your favorite browser and an account on the Yam's site is enough.
     74You need to know the [[http://en.wikipedia.ork/wiki/List_of_ISO_639-1_codes|ISO639-1 code]] of the language you wish to translate the documentation.\\
     75For example, if you wish to translate into Italian, the code is "'''it'''".
     77A little bit of knowledge about [[wiki:WikiFormatting|WikiFormatting]] will help, but is not required.
     79Here are the steps to start a new translation:
     811. '''Login''' - This is needed to be allowed to create and edit wiki documents.
     822. Go to the main default (English) [[wiki:Documentation|documentation]] page.
     833. Click on the '''Edit''' button and copy the content.
     844. '''Cancel''' the edition of that page.
     855. Now you have to create a new main page for your translation.  Let's say the translation will be in Italian.\\
     86   In the URL text gadget of your browser, type:\\
     87   {{{   }}}
     88   - "'''it'''" is the ISO639-1 code for Italian
     89   - "'''%3A'''" is the URL replacement for "''':'''".
     906. You will be prompted that the document does not exist.  Click on '''Create'''.
     917. Paste the content you have previously copied, and start replacing the English strings by the Italian equivalent.
     928. Use the '''Preview Page''' button as much as needed, then save your work with the '''Submit changes''' button.
     94'''IMPORTANT for the main page''' (and the main page only):\\
     95This page is the root of all subsequent documents, linked by an absolute path.\\
     96To make those links point to the future translated pages and not the English ones, you '''need''' to edit each occurence of\\
     97  `wiki:Documentation...` by\\
     98  `wiki:it:Documentation...`.
     100Links in the other documents won't need to be edited as they will be all relatives to `wiki:it:Documentation/`.
     102When the main documentation page is created, with the links in it properly edited, you can just follow those links to '''create''' or '''edit''' other documentation pages.
     104If you have questions or wish to discuss about translations, please post on the [[/discussion/forum/7|Locale Translations]] forum.
     106Thank for your help !