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     1= Are you brave? Grab a ''Nightly build'' (developer version)... =
     2Since July 2004 we provide an automatic ''nightly build  system'' which checks out the official YAM sources from the SVN repository each night (!2:00 am - CET) and if it encounters any change which a developer have done on the day before, then this system generates new binary builds and put them up to a webserver just some minutes after the checkout.
     4However, please note that because of  the nature of this approach, the produced builds are not tested in any form. This means that these build can '''not''' be considered ''stable'' in any way. They are just provided to let interested, well expierenced parties have a look at the recent state of development. Therefore ordinary users should consider very well if they want to risk any loss of data.
     6So please consider very wisely if you not just simply stick to the latest official version available from our [/downloads Downloads] section instead of risking to run into troubles with your emails. On the other hand, if you are used to the process and constraints in using nightly builds, we would love to [/newticket receive any feedback] from you so that we can evaluate which adaptions are required until the next planned official release.
     8=== Downloading nightly builds... ===
     11No matter what, please  read the following short list carefully to make yourself familiar with  nightly builds and what possible problems they may cause:
     13 1. '''They  are completly untested''' - there's absolutely no guarantee that  they even start up or work without crashing or damaging your current  installation. So please at least backup your current YAM installation  before trying on of our nightly builds.
     14 2. '''The archives  contain no documentation''', and aren't meant to be used to  install YAM for the first time; they always require an already existing  installation of YAM.
     15 3. '''We will give no official support'''  nor do we provide any direct help if you run into problems or loose any  data. However, the [ discussion
     16 forum] or the [ mailing lists]  may help you if you run into problems.
     17 4. Make sure to '''read  the !ChangeLog carefully''' so that you know what we changed and  what problems may arise if you decide to use the nightly build on a  regular basis. This !ChangeLog may include important information like  index format changes or configuration contraints.
     18 5. Please note  that '''using nightly builds might be a one way road''' -  This means that the message/index format used in these builds may be  completly different and therefore you may not be able to easily  downgrade if you used a nightly build previously.
     19 6. Our nightly  builds '''do automatically timeout after 30 days''' to  minimize the problems caused by posted bug reports which are based on  too old versions still floating around.
     21So if you  still feel you would like to give our nightly builds a spin, please take  your webbrowser to the following link to download the latest nightly  build for your operating system:
     23=== ===