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    1919== Getting YAM ==
    2020Not only is the source code of YAM available under the [WikiPedia:GPL GNU General Public License] (GPL). Also binary versions of the application are available free of charge. You can download the latest version of YAM either from the [/downloads Downloads] page of this website or you can go to the projects download page [ here].
     22== Find help ==
     23Please join our [wiki:MailingLists mailing lists] to find answer to your questions. Furthermore, we provide an [ online forum] as well as an [ online FAQ] which covers frequently asked questions. So in case you encounter a problem please check these resources before contacting one of our [wiki:DeveloperTeam developers] directly.
     25== Contributing ==
     26=== Bug reports and feature requests ===
     27You can report bugs and propose new features by using the ''ticket management'' of this web site. While we also currently allow bug reports from anyone we are highly suggesting that you create yourself an account [/register here]. This has the benefit that in case we want to answer your request we can correspond more easily to you. As soon as you have an account please go to [/newticket New Ticket] and submit your request to us. However, please follow best practices in submitting bug and feature requests. So please read our [wiki:TicketGuidelines ticket guidelines] before submitting a request.
     29=== Localization ===
     30YAM is already available in several languages. However, we always search for talented people willing to translate YAM in their own language. So if you are interested in translating either YAM or its documentation into your language you can find more information on our [wiki:Localization] page.
     32=== Developing, Compiling, Contributing Code ===
     33We are always searching for new developers. So if you are interested in joining our team don't hesitate to contact one of our [wiki:DeveloperTeam developers]. For a starter you can get access to the source code of YAM by either using the [/browser source browser] of this web page or read more at the [wiki:Development development section] of this site.
     35=== Donations ===
     36Even if you don't have the time, talent or motivation contributing to our project we want to encourage you to think about a small donation to our development effort. Since 2000 we are constantly working on YAM in trying to improve it for you. By donating some money to us you can help us keeping up our motivation a bit. So please check our [wiki:Donations donations] section for more information.