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Mar 2, 2010, 10:10:33 AM (8 years ago)
Jens Maus


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     1= YAM 2.6 (released 21st February 2010) =
     3After two years of development YAM 2.6 has been released in February 2010. Aside several minor changes and a large amount of bug fixes, this is the first version which comes with support for the [WikiPedia:AROS AROS] operating system.
     5== Changes ==
     7Here is a brief list of the most important changes since the 2.5 release:
     9    * updated translations for czech, french, german, greek, italian and swedish language.
     10    * updated default theme images by Martin 'Mason' Merz.
     11    * added import and export functions for alien address books (i.e. XML files as used by SimpleMail).
     12    * AmigaOS4.1's new notification system will can used to inform the user about new received mails.
     13    * improved handling of header lines in general and especially malformed header lines by certain Microsoft software.
     14    * improved download and export speed of mails by optimizing the amount of data shown on the screen. Overall the speed increased about 200%.
     15    * improved the spam handling by treating the user's address book as a white list.
     16    * rewritten RFC2047 and RFC2822 routines to match the current RFC recommendations.
     17    * individual character sets can now be configured for reading and writing mails instead of having one character set for all actions.
     18    * improved ARexx command handling and extended command set.
     19    * all error messages which occured during a mail transfer now include the account name to make it easier to spot the faulty account in case a user has more than one account at the same provider.
     20    * mail attachments are displayed as a scrollable virtual group to be able to show an unlimited number of files.
     21    * all balance object use the new NBalance.mcc class which supports custom mouse pointers.
     22    * foreign characters with a mail may be converted to either "?" or similar look alike characters.
     23    * reduced overall stack usage by using dynamically allocated memory when needed.
     24    * the text font and style can be configured independently for reading and writing mails.
     25    * the spam training data can be optimized to keep the data base small by removing very rarely used word.
     26    * made the date scanning of birthdays locale aware.
     27    * added various AROS versions (i386, ppc, x86_64).
     28    * added NOSPLASHWINDOW tooltype to start/quit YAM silently.
     29    * on AmigaOS4.1 the new URL: device will be preferred over openurl.library to invoke a browser.
     30    * lots of other improvement we don't remember right now (keep in mind: more than 2 years of development was put into YAM 2.6!) :)