YAM 2.6p1 (released 26th September 2010)

After 7 months of development YAM 2.6p1 has been released in September 2010. It is a pure bugfixing release which fixes some important bugs and issues that have been found during the ongoing development on YAM 2.7.


Here is a brief list of the most important changes since the 2.6 release in February 2010:

  • improved general stability by having fixed several memory leaks, important bugs and situations where YAM crashed under certain circumstances.
  • fixed the tons of "empty" themes warnings in case NOIMAGEWARNING tooltype or a themes "NoImageWarning" option is set.
  • fixed the "Jump on XXX" config settings to better interact with each other.
  • fixed keyboard usage (cursor left/right) to switch between the folder and mail list.
  • fixed some endianess cases so that the AROS build for i386 works more smoothly.
  • fixed the spam filter to handle its 'inactive' state better and not reset all values anymore on that occassion. Now it is possibile to turn off the SPAM filter all together.
  • fixed display of the poppen objects for MUI 3.8 installations.
  • the attachment show window will now display the mail part description in a separate column.
  • fixed problems with important mails containing X-Status: and Status: as local headers.
  • fixed bug in the "avoid duplicates" functionality which caused that not all mails have been shown in a preselection window.
  • updated the included AISS based theme to require at least AISS 4.8
  • fixed the mail attachment management to not use internal file names for the "Content-Disposition" header of attachments.
  • fixed mail search functionality to correctly handle mail header searches.
  • fixed XPK packer scanning to show all installed packers correctly.
  • fixed the startup to handle multi user installation more smoothly.
  • fixed the installation script to get the installation going again.
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