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Dec 25, 2011, 12:12:29 AM (9 years ago)
Jens Maus


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     1= YAM 2.7 (released 24th December 2011) =
     3After 15 months of development YAM 2.7 has been released in Decmber 2011. It is a new major release with many new features and important bug fixes.
     5== Changes ==
     7Here is a brief list of the most important changes since the 2.6 release in February 2010:
     9* updated translations for czech, french, german, greek, italian, swedish and spanish language.
     10* updated amigaguide documentation for spanish.
     11* general performance improvements and general bug fixing.
     12* when text in a read window is selected and the user presses "reply", the reply will only contain the selected text rather than all.
     13* the column width of the preselection window can now be saved with MUI's own snapshot functionality.
     14* closing YAM while a write window is open is possible now. However, a confirmation requester is now presented to the user.
     15* YAM will now recognize incompatible mail file formats when importing.
     16* added a direct menu item to the amiga guide documentation of YAM.
     17* completely removed the anonymous mailing feature as there aren't any anon remailer services anymore that are not abused for junk mail.
     18* changed YAM to have the SPAM folder available by default. Everyone should use a SPAM filter nowadays.
     19* the online check feature in YAM can now accept multiple interfaces by using a comma separated list of interface names.
     20* implemented an additional ARexx command to let YAM restart itself.
     21* the crop attachment requester can now be suppressed by a hidden config option.
     22* statistics on new/unread mails will now also be shown for folder groups.
     23* When using the "Check for Update" menu item YAM will now directly respond instead of always keeping itself silent.
     24* a potential "mailto:" in front of an email address will now be automatically stripped.
     25* the way mails are forwarded (either inlined or as attachment) can now be chosen from the various menus in YAM.
     26* implemented option to suppress the final mail filter requester.
     27* implemented possibility to automatically run a script before and after YAM starts or is finished with mail filtering operations.
     28* multiple files can now be selected when try to import mails.
     29* the preselection window functionality can now be set for each account separately.
     30* changed the remote filter to be applicable on a per-POP3 account basis.
     31* when moving a mail graphically from one folder to another and that folder is within a closed node, the listtree will now automatically open that node.
     32* completly reworked the functionaliyt which converts html mails to plain text. Now soft styles (bold/italic, etc.) are shown and the conversion should show much prettier results.
     33* in case a folder is renamed mail filters will be automatically adapt to that change.
     34* changed all folder list displays to show a hierarchical listtree rather than a plain list. This should make the whole folder display more intuitive.
     35* reworked/fixed the recipientstring in the write window to be somewhat more intuitive in showing actual found hits.
     36* to save memory indexes of custom folders will now be automatically expunged in case they haven't been access for certain minutes.
     37* changed birthday reminder to be non-blocking and to be able to snapshot the position and size of it. Furthermore, YAM will now rememeber if the reminder was already shown and don't popup the same requester again at the same day if it is restarted.
     38* significantly improved performance of string searches (to search for mails) by implementation of Boyer/Moore Search algorithms.
     39* finally YAMs' internals are fully multithreaded. That means many things within YAM are now changed to work without blocking the GUI interface. This includes the TCP/IP routines which are now running in separate threads/processes rather than blocking the main GUI during a mail transfer. Furthermore, this was a mandatory thing for being able to implement IMAP support in the somewhat near future.
     40* lots of other improvement we don't remember right now (keep in mind: more than 2 years of development was put into YAM 2.7!) :)