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YAM 2.8 (released 24th December 2012)

After 15 months of development YAM 2.8 has been released in December 2012. It is a new major release with many new features and important bug fixes.


Here is a brief list of the most important changes since the 2.7 release in December 2011:

  • updated translations for czech, french, german, italian, swedish, spanish, turkish and english-british language.
  • integration of online documentation system and removal of obsolete amigaguides, see
  • general performance improvements and general bug fixing.
  • moved CC and BCC as well as Reply-To: address field from separate "Options" tab to the first page of the write window and made it user-configurable.
  • integrated a multi-identity system which allows to define an unlimited number of identities and link SMTP servers to each identity so that different settings per identity are possible (including different signatures).
  • implemented unlimited signature support through new multi-identity system integrated in YAM.
  • multiple and unlimited SMTP-Server support. Now users can define any number of SMTP servers and link them to the new identity management system.
  • implemented new "Drafts" folder system to allow to put autosave files as well as storing mails on hold into a separate folder commonly used in other mail clients.
  • All Themes, Certificates, user configurable Spamfilters and the Gallery directory are now per default stored in a PROGDIR:Resources sub directory to not clutter the PROGDIR: directory too much. In future more and more user configurable setting directories will move there, too.
  • YAM will now trust certain external SPAM filter engines (e.ġ. Spamassassin) when retrieving external emails and trying to identify SPAM. Own external spam filter rules can now be configured in PROGDIR:Resources/Spamfilters if necessary.
  • Added full SSL certificate authentication support. If connecting to an SSL secured mail server (POP3/SMTP) YAM will now verify the certificate and compare it against official certificate chains. If a certificate is identified to be not trustable a warning will be presented to the user.
  • autosave mails now contain receivers and sender information so that upon recovering those mails the full entered information is presented again.
  • Full support for the new "Mail-Followup-To:" and "Mail-Reply-To:" header fields which are commonly used for mailing lists.
  • Sent mails can now be replied as well.
  • implemented own mail download intervals per POP3 server along with individual mail size limits per POP3 server.
  • implemented new arexx command to search for messages via message ID.
  • added a string gadget to the "no subject warning requester" so that a missing subject can be immediately be added.
  • improved Daylight Saving recognition and removed irritating DST switching warnings for systems known to behave correctly when DST are switched.
  • large restructuring of the configuration GUI to match new identity and multiple SMTP feature. In addition, things belonging to the Look&Feel of the GUI had been moved to the corresponding config item.
  • fixed certain PGP related problems causing signature check failures.
  • fixed a bunch of problems related to the autocompletion features in the recipient string objects of the write window.
  • lots of other improvement we don't remember right now (keep in mind: one year of development was put into YAM 2.8!) :)

For more information on all implemented changes in YAM 2.8 please see the detailed ChangeLog file as well as the milestone:YAM2.8 information page.