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     3= Mail transfers = 
     5While fetching, sending, importing or exporting mail, YAM opens a 
     6transfer window that gives you some control over the process. 
     8If pre-selection is enabled, YAM will display a list of the messages 
     9available for import or download.  Depending on your settings, messages 
     10exceeding the maximum size may be the only ones appearing in the list, 
     11to make it easier for you to decide what to do with them without having 
     12to face a too cluttered list: messages below the maxium size will just 
     13be downloaded silently.  Two explanatory status symbols may appear at 
     14the left of the message: a little trashcan means the message will be 
     15deleted from the server, whereas the disk icon indicates that the 
     16message will be downloaded.  Therefore, there exist the following 
     19   || Trashcan ||   Disk  ||   Action  || 
     20   || [[Image(]] || [[Image(]] ||The message will be downloaded and then deleted from the server.|| 
     21   || [[Image(]] || ||The message will be deleted immediately -- the preferred action for unsolicited commercial e-mail.|| 
     22   || || ||The message will remain on the server and won't be downloaded.|| 
     23   || || [[Image(]] ||The message will be downloaded, but not deleted from the server.|| 
     26== Meanings of the buttons == 
     29     Selects all messages in the list for a subsequent change of 
     30     status.  This button has no effect on the action to be taken. 
     34     Clears the current selection.  This button has no effect on the 
     35     action to be taken. 
     38'''Download & delete''' 
     39     Sets both the diskette and trashcan icons for all selected 
     40     messages -> download and remove on server. 
     42     This button is not available when importing mail. 
     45'''Download only''' 
     46     Sets the diskette icon and clears the trashcan icon for all 
     47     selected messages -> download, but leave on server. 
     51     Clears both the diskette and trashcan icons for all selected 
     52     messages -> no action. 
     55'''Delete only''' 
     56     Clears the diskette icon and sets the trashcan icon for all 
     57     selected messages -> do not download, but delete on server! 
     59     This button is not available when importing mail. 
     63     As long as the pre-selection list is displayed, YAM loads details 
     64     of the separate messages -- the headers are retrieved from the 
     65     server.  The '''Stop''' button halts this process. 
     67     This button is not available when importing mail. 
     71     The selection stage ends and the actual mail transfer begins. 
     75     The mail transfer is terminated immediately. 
     78In the '''Status''' panel you can see how many kbytes and how many messages 
     79have been transferred so far, at what rate, and how long the transfer 
     80will take.  The rate is measured in characters per second.  Do not be 
     81disappointed if the transmission seems not to measure up to the speed of 
     82the modem.  The transfer of a short message requires a relatively large 
     83time for negotiation between YAM and the server, which is not taken into 
     84account while computing the calculated rate.  You can try it yourself by 
     85sending yourself a message with a large attachment (e.g. 100kB ). 
     87The '''Abort''' button forces a premature end of the transfer.  It only 
     88works while YAM has control over the transfer -- if YAM apparently 
     89'freezes' because the server is not doing anything, either wait for the 
     90timeout or just break the connection by forcing your TCP/IP stack to go