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     3= Finding messages =
     5If you have many messages and folders, it is easy to lose track of
     6them all.  You know you have saved a message on a particular topic, but
     7where?  YAM's search function solves this problem.
     9In the upper half of the window you define the query.  On the left
     10you can select one or more folders in which to search.  On the right you
     11define the [[Configuration#FixComparison| Search criterion ]].  In the lower half of the window you will
     12get a list of messages which match the query.
     14== Functions of the buttons ==
     17     Includes all folders in your search.
     20'''Use filter settings'''
     21     Replaces the search criterion with a [[Configuration#FixFilters| filter ]].
     24'''Add as new filter'''
     25     Creates a new [[Configuration#FixFilters| filter ]] using the current search criterion.
     28'''Start search'''
     29     Starts the search process.  Matching messages are shown in the
     30     results list below.  The search can be stopped by clicking on '''Abort'''.
     33'''Select matched'''
     34     Selects all the messages listed as a result of the search,
     35     highlighting them in the [[Windows/Mainwindow#FixMessageList| message list ]] of the main window.
     38'''Read message'''
     39     Displays the contents of the last selected message in the results
     40     list.  Double-clicking on the name in the results list has the same
     41     effect.