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     3= The Yet Another Mailer (YAM) User Guide =
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     5//This page is meant to serve as a starting point for all documentation regarding YAM usage. The guide is a free document, a collaborative effort, and a part of the [ YAM Project] itself.//
     8== Introduction
     10YAM (Yet Another Mailer) is a MIME-compliant open-source Internet email client written for AmigaOS-based computer systems that lets you send and receive electronic mail over the Internet and maintain archives of messages in your computer.
     12Back in 1995 the original author [ Marcel Beck] started the development of YAM and released the first version. While this first version (v1) was still very limited in its features the successor version (v2) introduced much more advanced features so that the 2.2 version was rated as the best Email client for Amiga computers back in 1998. This was probably also because YAM has been a freeware product right from the start, allowing Amiga users to travel into the great world of emails with a product they not have to spent money on.
     14Then in late 2000 Marcel left the Amiga development but luckily decided to release the source code of YAM under the [[wiki:Documentation/User license|GPL  open source license]]. This allowed to find a group of developers  working on the further development of YAM. Already one year later the open-source developer crew released the 2.3 version showing the Amiga community that the development of YAM hasn't stopped at all.
     16And now, after even more years the development of YAM has advanced some more and is now aiming to bring up YAM to a level where it is compareable to other mail clients like Thunderbird. Of course we still have a long way to go, but with the help of you and the Amiga community we can make this vision reality.
     18== User Guide
     19   * General
     20     * [[wiki:es:Documentation/What is e-mail|What is e-mail?]] – Introduction to electronic mail
     21     * [[wiki:es:Documentation/User license|User license]] — License information under which YAM is distributed.
     22     * [[wiki:es:Documentation/Features|Features]] – Feature list
     23     * [[wiki:es:Documentation/Requirements|Requirements]] — System requirements and software needed.
     24     * [[wiki:es:Documentation/Installation|Installation]] — Installing YAM on your system.
     25     * [[wiki:es:Documentation/Quickstart|Quickstart]] — Getting started with YAM in 5 minutes.
     26   * Using YAM
     27     * [[wiki:es:Documentation/Configuration|Configuration]] — Configuring YAM to suit your own needs.
     28     * [[wiki:es:Documentation/Windows|Windows]] — The main windows used by YAM.
     29   * Tuning YAM
     30     * [[wiki:es:Documentation/Tips & tricks|Tips & tricks]] — Some useful hints.
     31   * Getting help
     32     * [[wiki:es:Documentation/Known problems|Known problems]] — Things that you should be aware of.
     33     * [[wiki:es:Documentation/Support|Support]] — Some useful contact links.
     35== Developer Guide
     36 * [[wiki:es:Documentation/Reference|Reference]] — File formats, Internals, etc.
     37 * [[wiki:es:Documentation/ARexx API|ARexx API]] — ARexx Development Reference
     39== Support and Other Sources of Information ==
     40 * [[wiki:FAQ|YAM FAQ]] — A collection of Frequently Asked Questions.
     41 * [[/discussion|Discussion]] – Discussion forum to ask questions.
     42 * [[/newticket|Bug Report]] – For reporting problems and requesting new features.
     44If you are looking for a good place to ask a question about YAM, look no further than the [wiki:MailingLists MailingLists]. It provides a friendly environment to discuss openly among Trac users and developers. Furthermore, this website is also hosting an [[|online forum]] in which you can discuss your problems after having registered a user name.