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Exporitng Yam 2.4 to outlook.

I have had this older Amiga computer sitting on the shelf for years now. I haven't touched it in I don't remember how long now.

I have tons of older messages in YAM 2.4 and I'd like to get them into outlook. From what I can tell YAM will export to MBOX format? Any ideas on how to convert MBOX to outlook .pst format? Supposedly there are tons of utilities out there to do so but so far all I have been able to find are either defunct or cost over a $100.

Any help would be appreciated.

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    Personally I have never used OutLook so far, so I cannot give any real help.

    Is OutLook able to import files named *.eml? If yes, then just export the mails as usual with YAM and just name the output file accordingly,i.e. "exportedmails.eml". The only drawback is that .eml files usually consist of single mails only, not multiple mails. OutLook might become confused by this.


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