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YAM becoming slower….


I would like to know the *real* reason why Toolbar.mcc have been changed by TheBar.mcc, please?

On the ChangeLog we can read it have been changed because "ToolBar.mcc is obsolete", when indeed the latest ToolBar.mcc version is newer than the latest TheBar.mcc version… ?:-/

The only problem I has personally, is about TheBar.mcc is LOTS slower than Toolbar.mcc loading the images,

Im too sad about the change, I only hope TheBar.mcc gets optimized to at least loading the images as fast as Toolbar.mcc, please! (or add an option so the user can decide which toolbar to use, I see no real advantage atm really)

Gretz, and Thanks for your time.

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    Well, the answer is easy. You are using a nightly/developer build of YAm 2.5 and as such you might know that things are still in progress. As such, the transition to TheBar.mcc isn't completed yet. There are still some things missing, including the image caching you are talking about. Currently, YAM always loads the images from disk as soon as you open a new read/write window and therefore it takes definitly longer than with the previously used Toolbar.mcc. This definitly have to be changed, and WILL be changed until the stable version of YAM 2.5. For more information see also the currently open bugitem talking about that issue:


    In addition, please note that TheBar.mcc is generally more advanced and flexible as the previously used Toolbar.mcc and we won't introduce and option to switch between the both.

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      Yeah, I'm experiencing this slowing too. Is the newest YAM released yet? Thanks.

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        Yeah, I'm experiencing this slowing too. Is the newest YAM released yet? Thanks.

        Not yet, but we are currently preparing the release of 2.6. This is scheduled for mid of February 2010.


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