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Hidden Configuration

I compared documentation hidden part with my yam .config file. The inserted lines are in question. Especially the "—→ Outdated?" comment lines. I want to add settings to the documentation

LetterPart WriteIndexes

AutosSave —→ Outdated? ExpungeIndexes


JumpToNewMsg —→ Outdated?

JumpToIncoming AskJumpUnread PrinterCheck IsOnlineCheck IOCInterface ConfirmOnQuit HideGUIElements

LocalCharset —→ Outdated? SysCharsetCheck AmiSSLCheck


PrintMethod AutoColumnResize SocketOptions SocketTimeout TRBufferSize EmbeddedMailDelay KeepAliveInterval StyleFGroupUnread StyleFGroupRead StyleFolderUnread StyleFolderRead StyleFolderNew StyleMailUnread StyleMailRead AutoClip ShowFilterStats ConfirmRemoveAttachments BirthdayCheckTime DefaultSSLCiphers MachineFQDN



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