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Weird behaviour with attachments - a bug ?

Hi, sorry I'm asking here before reporting this as bug…

I'm using YAM 2.9p1 (should be the latest) under MOS 3.9 and Ambient. When I open (read) a mail with attachments, strange things happen. First, in the bottom area I see very ugly 4 colors icons saying "Ambient PNG", and I wonder why default Ambient png icons aren't used there for display.. (my Ambient system is configured ok with all default png icons btw)

The strange thing is, often while moving the mouse over said icons, at random I get an icon automatically attached to the mouse pointer, and WITHOUT me having pressed the mouse button, as if I decided to "drag" that icon somwhere. As I said, this behaviur is either random or I couldn't find yet the exact combination of actions to replicate it reliablly.

Another random issue there is, sometimes when I double click on an attachment icon to display it, I get Ambient screen flashing (as to signal me some error ?)

Honestly this strange behaviour (only the second one listed) happened even with much older YAM MOS versions when I was using the old MOS 1.4.5 and Amiga Workbench… therefore, seems an old and never addressed issue.

Does anybody out there experience the same ? Is this a known problem ? Thanks. Elena


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