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anyone managed to use PGP5 with YAM ? YAM keeps moaning about not finding executable pgp which is normal as in PGP5 there is no executable named plainly 'pgp' we have 'pgpk', 'pgpv' etc. but no 'pgp'. I want to add that it should be correctly installed as I it managed to import my ID in the configuration page and I was also able to sign an outgoing mail…

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    YAM should be able to recognize PGP5 automatically and use the appropriate individual binaries instead of the monolithic PGP2 binary.

    A STARTUP log will show which PGP version was found.

    The default is to use the path specified in the ENV variable PGPPATH. If that doesn't exist "PGP:" will be used. From that point on you can set your own path to the PGP binaries.


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