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I screwed up my installation

I'm running YAM 2.5 on an A1-XE under OS4.1. I've been running it for years, since about version 2.3, I think.

I had about 5000 old emails in my Deleted drawer, so, rather than tell YAM to delete them and wait an hour while it did so, I decided to be clever. I deleted everything in the Deleted drawer from a Shell, then asked YAM to rebuild the index of the folder.

It all seemed to go well (no error messages), but now deleted files don't appear in that drawer at all. When an email is deleted, it just disappears completely.

This might not be a problem for some people, but as a matter of course I delete all incoming spam emails (including those from Microsoft Outlook or Office) with my filters. I used to be able to see and check them in the Deleted drawer, but now they don't appear at all, so I get no messages from those people unlucky enough to use Office.

The .fconfig file is OK, so is the .index file. I've tried "Update Index", "Empty trash", but not "Flush Indices" (which sounds rather drastic). I can't find any setting anywhere that could be messed up.

Can anyone suggest a way out of this mess?

cheers tony

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    I fixed it by copying complete the "deleted" folder from an old backup version. I was then able to "Empty trash" and get a clean folder and index files.

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    Can anyone suggest a way out of this mess?

    Hi Tony!

    Sorry, for the long delay, but I was quite busy with my job.

    Good to hear you solved the problem somehow. Unfortunately I have absolutely no idea what is going wrong in YAM 2.5 in case all files (including YAM's internal files) are deleted. At least YAM 2.6-dev doesn't have any problems and I cannot reproduce this issue with 2.6-dev.

    Maybe you should give 2.6-dev a spin and try it for a few days/week. Many issues and glitches have been fixed since the 2.5 release.



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