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Reading "strange" charsets


I have an issue with charsets so I wanted to discuss on here, to check if there is another way to deal with it before submitting anything on the trackers.

When I read email with a non-standard charset, the YAM read window shows ???????

I have an external editor set up that can handle this charset so I click "Reply" and "Editor" but YAM passes ????? instead of the original text to the editor. Obviously, this is no good for me.

At first I thought it's because YAM's system config is set to another charset, so I switched to my charset (I have implemented it for codesets.library and am trying to test it). This had no effect.

I understand the Read/Write windows know they can't display this character range so they show ????? but the original text should be passed to the external editor not the ???? version, right ?



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