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As soon as I installed the MUI classes Toolbar.mcc and Toolbar.mcp 15.11 [MorphOS], YAM stopped to run.

YAM starts, opens the warning window of all 2.5 Developer versions, but, when I click "Go on", closes this window, does not open the About window, and gives no further sign of life. Probably the task freezes or expect forever something that does not happen… SnoopDOS says that the last active action done by YAM is a successful call to Toolbar.mcc; then nothing else is reported.

I deleted the new versions of the classes and replaced Toolbar.mcc and Toolbar.mcp 15.10 [MorphOS] into classes/MUI. After a reset YAM was again able to run. In the same way I've verified that YAM runs even with Toolbar.mcc and Toolbar.mcp 15.11 [020]. So the bug is definitively in the 15.11 MorphOS version of these classes.

Actually this is not a bug of YAM, but the current maintainer of these MUI classes is Jens Langner, so it seemed appropriate to post the news here.

Cheers, Dr.Morbius_FP


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