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Moving over settings to new install

I did install YAM2.7 in a new folder next to my actual YAM_2.6 folder. I would like to start with th same but empty folders, same filters and other settings.

Is there an easy way to do this? (not having to copy actual install, having to empty all folders, then install YAM2.7 over it) What files should i copy over?

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    Sorry for the extremely late reply. It seems our notification system is not working properly :cry:

    Basically it should suffice to copy all files starting with a dot (i.e. .config, .folders, .signature, .spamdata, .taglines) over to the new folder. YAM will then create the folder directories itself upon the next start. After that you should copy the .fconfig files (and possibly .fimage files as well) of each folder over to the new folder to restore your folder specific settings as YAM will have created standard .fconfig files which most probably don't match your preferred folder settings.


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