ARexx Function List

  1. Documentation/ARexxAPI/ADDRDELETE
  2. Documentation/ARexxAPI/ADDREDIT
  3. Documentation/ARexxAPI/ADDRFIND
  4. Documentation/ARexxAPI/ADDRGOTO
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  6. Documentation/ARexxAPI/ADDRLOAD
  7. Documentation/ARexxAPI/ADDRNEW
  8. Documentation/ARexxAPI/ADDRRESOLVE
  9. Documentation/ARexxAPI/ADDRSAVE
  10. Documentation/ARexxAPI/APPBUSY
  11. Documentation/ARexxAPI/APPNOBUSY
  12. Documentation/ARexxAPI/FINDMAIL
  13. Documentation/ARexxAPI/FLUSHINDEXES
  14. Documentation/ARexxAPI/FOLDERINFO
  15. Documentation/ARexxAPI/GETCONFIGINFO
  16. Documentation/ARexxAPI/GETFOLDERINFO
  17. Documentation/ARexxAPI/GETMAILINFO
  18. Documentation/ARexxAPI/GETSELECTED
  19. Documentation/ARexxAPI/GETURL
  20. Documentation/ARexxAPI/HELP
  21. Documentation/ARexxAPI/HIDE
  22. Documentation/ARexxAPI/INFO
  23. Documentation/ARexxAPI/ISONLINE
  24. Documentation/ARexxAPI/LISTFREEZE
  25. Documentation/ARexxAPI/LISTSELECT
  26. Documentation/ARexxAPI/LISTUNFREEZE
  27. Documentation/ARexxAPI/MAILARCHIVE
  28. Documentation/ARexxAPI/MAILBOUNCE
  29. Documentation/ARexxAPI/MAILCHANGESUBJECT
  30. Documentation/ARexxAPI/MAILCHECK
  31. Documentation/ARexxAPI/MAILCOPY
  32. Documentation/ARexxAPI/MAILDELETE
  33. Documentation/ARexxAPI/MAILEDIT
  34. Documentation/ARexxAPI/MAILEXPORT
  35. Documentation/ARexxAPI/MAILFILTER
  36. Documentation/ARexxAPI/MAILFORWARD
  37. Documentation/ARexxAPI/MAILIMPORT
  38. Documentation/ARexxAPI/MAILINFO
  39. Documentation/ARexxAPI/MAILMOVE
  40. Documentation/ARexxAPI/MAILREAD
  41. Documentation/ARexxAPI/MAILREPLY
  42. Documentation/ARexxAPI/MAILSEND
  43. Documentation/ARexxAPI/MAILSENDALL
  44. Documentation/ARexxAPI/MAILSTATUS
  45. Documentation/ARexxAPI/MAILUPDATE
  46. Documentation/ARexxAPI/MAILWRITE
  47. Documentation/ARexxAPI/NEWMAILFILE
  48. Documentation/ARexxAPI/QUIT
  49. Documentation/ARexxAPI/READCLOSE
  50. Documentation/ARexxAPI/READINFO
  51. Documentation/ARexxAPI/READPRINT
  52. Documentation/ARexxAPI/READSAVE
  53. Documentation/ARexxAPI/REQUEST
  54. Documentation/ARexxAPI/REQUESTFILE
  55. Documentation/ARexxAPI/REQUESTFOLDER
  56. Documentation/ARexxAPI/REQUESTSTRING
  57. Documentation/ARexxAPI/RESTART
  58. Documentation/ARexxAPI/SCREENTOBACK
  59. Documentation/ARexxAPI/SCREENTOFRONT
  60. Documentation/ARexxAPI/SETFLAG
  61. Documentation/ARexxAPI/SETFOLDER
  62. Documentation/ARexxAPI/SETMAIL
  63. Documentation/ARexxAPI/SETMAILFILE
  64. Documentation/ARexxAPI/SHOW
  65. Documentation/ARexxAPI/USERINFO
  66. Documentation/ARexxAPI/WRITEATTACH
  67. Documentation/ARexxAPI/WRITEBCC
  68. Documentation/ARexxAPI/WRITECC
  69. Documentation/ARexxAPI/WRITEEDITOR
  70. Documentation/ARexxAPI/WRITEFROM
  71. Documentation/ARexxAPI/WRITEIDENTITY
  72. Documentation/ARexxAPI/WRITELETTER
  73. Documentation/ARexxAPI/WRITEMAILTO
  74. Documentation/ARexxAPI/WRITEOPTIONS
  75. Documentation/ARexxAPI/WRITEQUEUE
  76. Documentation/ARexxAPI/WRITEREPLYTO
  77. Documentation/ARexxAPI/WRITESEND
  78. Documentation/ARexxAPI/WRITESUBJECT
  79. Documentation/ARexxAPI/WRITETO


MailRead — Load the current message in the Read window. (V2.0)
Loads the current message into the Read window, or activates an already opened Read window to let other commands act upon it afterwards.
VAR/K - alternative variable to put the results into instead of RESULT
STEM/K - base name used for the stem where the returned data will be stored
WINDOW/N - change the command behavior to just activate an already opened Read window with the supplied identifier
QUIET/S - force the window to stay invisible
VAR - info returned by the command
<STEM>WINDOW - number of the Read window now active

RC is set to 10 if WINDOW is used with a value referring to an inexistant window or if another slot is asked but all of them are already taken.

For all intents and purposes, the status of the "Multiple windows" flag in the Read configuration is irrelevant for this command.

Window slots are dynamically assigned as they are required until all four are occupied, and remain in use until the relevant window is closed (an "invisible" Read window is also "open" within this context). The optional WINDOW parameter sets the active Read window, upon which the READCLOSE, READINFO, READPRINT and READSAVE commands will act when called; therefore, the MAILREAD command should be called before using any of them to ensure they act on the window that they are supposed to. Note that manually activating a Read window using the GUI does not magically makes it the target of the above mentioned commands.

Until V2.5 the WINDOW parameter and return code was limited to return values only between 0 - 3.

The WINDOW input parameter was never honoured; this was fixed in V2.4.
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