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     7== Are there any chances to see YAM being ported to other GUI systems such as Reaction? ==
     8Even if it would be a nice opportunity for YAM to be available for other GUI systems than just MUI, chances are more or less zero to see it ever be ported to something that isn't at least compatible or derived from MUI. Not only would it take a very large amount of time to adapt it to other GUI systems, which in fact would certainly end up in a complete rewrite from scratch, but there doesn't exist any other GUI system on AmigaOS which is as feature rich and flexible as MUI.
     10Even the advanced Reaction classes supplied with AmigaOS4 won't allow to convert all current functionality in YAM over to a Reaction GUI. And then, YAM uses numerous third-party MUI custom classes such as TextEditor.mcc, NList.mcc and so on which are not or only partly available as e.g. Reaction classes. In addition, MUI is so flexible that you can very easily tune its look&feel to be pretty much the same like the GUI system you normally use. And another point is that all current Amiga platforms come with at least a MUI compatible GUI toolkit (AmigOS3, AmigaOS4, MorphOS, AROS) so that YAM can be very easily maintained as a multi-platform email program by just using MUI.
     12So we currently don't really see a possibility or reason to port YAM to any other GUI system available to AmigaOS-based computer systems. MUI is still the most advanced, flexible and available GUI toolkit for any Amiga platform.
     14== Will YAM ever be ported to other non-Amiga platforms like MacOSX, Linux or Windows? ==
     15The only sensible answer to that question can unfortunately be: **No.**
     17There are several reasons that prevent YAM from being easily ported to any non-Amiga like platform such as MacOSX, Linux or Windows:
     19* YAM is deeply using the AmigaOS programming interface which is not common or available any other platform which is not derived from AmigaOS.
     20* YAM is using Magic User Interface (MUI) as the graphical user interface API and therefore MUI have to be first ported as well to get YAM running at all. And this won't happen as well, too. Especially because MUI is still a closed source project.
     21* The great Arexx functionality in YAM isn't portable to any other platform as well as there doesn't exist any real Arexx functionality on other non-Amiga platforms.
     22* Last but not least, there is no real 'market' for yet another email client on those more modern and more frequently used systems. Where on AmigaOS there are currently only 2 email clients available, platforms like MacOSX, Linux or Windows have probably a dozen different mail clients whereas the majority is still more advanced than YAM.
     24So, to sum it up: The only way to get YAM running on a non-Amiga platform is to either use an Amiga emulator suite, e.g. WinUAE or UAE because it isn't possible to port YAM to anything that hasn't AmigaOS as its root.
     26== Why does YAM complain about a wrong version of a MUI custom class (e.g. NList.mcc)? ==
     27Either the installer script didn't update the MUI libraries properly, or there is still an old version loaded in the memory or somewhere on your hard disk. Try rebooting your Amiga; if this doesn't help, copy the contents of the MUI directory from the YAM archive to 'MUI:libs/mui'.
     29Please also make sure you don't have a 'YAM:Libs' or 'YAM:mui/libs' directory in which old MUI classes are stored. The only path were #?.mcc and #?.mcp files belong is 'MUI:libs/mui'.
     31== (How) can I access an IMAP mail server from YAM? ==
     32Unfortunately, YAM isn't currently able to access mail servers that do only support IMAP as the mail access protocol. Up to now, YAM only supports the POP3 protocol for downloading/retrieving emails from a mail server. But we have already considered supporting IMAP in a future version of YAM. According to our roadmap we have planned to support IMAP presumably in version 3.0+.
     34However, for current versions of YAM, there might be chances that the IMAP server you want to get the mail from also supports the POP3 protocol. Either your provider also allows POP3 downloads or the IMAP server software itself is able to manage the POP3 protocol directly. Please consult your provider for more details.
     36== Can I use YAM to read newsgroups from the Usenet? ==
     37YAM doesn't support newsgroups (NNTP) and it's not planned to implement this in a later version. If you're looking for a newsreader, have a look at NewsRog or any similar Usenet client.
     39== I lost/forgot the passwords of some of my configurated users in YAM. How can I restore them? ==
     40The 3-digit numbers are in fact the password in encrypted form. The "official" way is to log into YAM as a user with manager privileges (usually the first user). This user can change any other user's data. Deleting these 3-digit numbers will effectively clear the password.
     42This password has nothing to do with the password for your mail accounts. It is just for logging into YAM. Without any password for a single user YAM will start up without any interruption. With multiple users you first have to select the user and then enter the optional password.
     44== I want to migrate to YAM, but I don't want to lose the mails in my current e-Mail application. How?  ==
     45Well, the answer isn't that straight forward and highly depends on the application you are currently using. However, YAM allows to import mails from various mailbox formats:
     47* MBOX - The 'unfortunatly' famous mbox format is the common format, mails were maintained on UNIX operating systems. It was the defacto standard for mail storage until the successor 'maildir' was invented. YAM >= 2.4 should be able to import mbox mail files and allows to extract all mails separatly from them.
     48* MAILDIR - maildir files contain a single mail per file whereas YAM >= 2.4 should be able to import those files.
     49* OutlookExpress Mailbox Files (*.dbx)
     51This should sum up for YAM being able to import mail files/data from the following list of e-mail applications (partly depending on the format those clients can export mails):
     53* SimpleMail
     54* Thunderbird
     55* KMail
     56* Outlook Express
     58And any further applications that allows to export mails in the various mailbox formats mentioned above. You just have to first export the mails from your old application (either by an explicit export operation or via direct access to the mailbox files) and then use the 'Import' functionality in YAM.